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Пока она умирала

Мои золотые рыбки



Пизанская башня

Браво, Лауренсия!

Плачу вперед


При чужих свечах



Все, что я знаю о наших мужчинах и женщинах

О, Александр!

Аргентинское танго "Ревность"

Не лучшее утро нашей жизни

Жемчужина черная, жемчужина белая

...И дрогнет конец цепи...

Бирбалиада или колокол правды

Князь и хозяйка

Маленький принц


Овес для Тоби

Пиковая дама

Приходи и уводи

Сталинградское танго

Свидание с Бонапартом

Welcome to Nadezhda Ptushkina's personal website

For any enquiry please contact me by email: evagenia@mail.ru

Did you find any mistakes? Please let me know: evagenia@mail.ru

I’ve written more than 70 plays, 40 of which have been staged in virtually every theatre in Russia, CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States), the Baltic states, eastern Europeen countries, China, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Israel. The list of theatres (not yet complete) is available here (in Russian).

Since 1997 I have enjoyed first place measured by quantity of shows and spectators (Source “Modern drama” - “Sovremennaya dramaturgiya” journal). Some of my shows have run for more than ten years (example “Rojdestvenskie grezy” – “Christmas dream” – following my play “While she was dying” in the Moscow Art Theatre).

My scripts have been screened into nine full-length films. From time to time I have fulfilled the role as stage director, further detail is available on my website covering shows “Sixes” in Scotland National Theatre and “Strange woman” in Moscow theatrical enterprise “Our home.”

As a film director I have also completed three full-length films.


Full collection of translated plays please find here.

31 October 2016 Opening of a Ptushkina Nadezda's play "Tower of Pisa" had a place in a National Theatre of China, Pekin.


9880.JPG 9849.JPG

9636.JPG 9562.JPG

Some rewiev from Chinese press (click to the picture and you'll have an English translation of articles):

1 Pekin-media-report-1.jpg 2 Pekin-media-report-2.jpg

Nadezda colloborate with China at present time. some of her play are translated and published in a journal Drama.


Interview with spectators of "Strange woman" in Israel, Tel Aviv.

Interview with spectators of show "Strange woman", directing and play by Nadezhda Ptushkina. Gediminas Taranda, Maria Petrova, Ilya Overbuh, Valeriya Lanskaya and others.

Review and pictures of show "I want love so", directing Michael Rybak, Stuttgart, Germany

Presentation of show "Strange woman", directing and play Nadezhda Ptushkina. The pictures of repetitions are here.

Play's text "Love and money" ("Шестерки") translated to English by Ekaterina Kamotskaia, Martin McCardie.

The pictures of show "I want love so" by play "Strange woman", Stuttgart.

Play's text in English "Strange woman", "While she was dying" - translated by James Donoher; "Advance payment"; "Rachel's flute", "Somebody else's candlelight" - translated by Slava Yastremski and Michael M. Naydan. "L'agnelle" - translated to French by Michael Politchuk.

The pictures of show on Rzeszew, Poland "Everything what I know about our men and women".

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